SIJ - Day 6
Today felt like a day where I had to tie up the loose ends. Dealing with pain and disappointment.

I like fences. I've never described one as lovely before, however this image shows the beauty of simplicity.
Wouter have you been conferring with Jorge previous to your shoots? Another B+W through fence shot, albeit from across the seas ;)

Like the processing and the detail. This reminds me of my brand of fence mending, performed in the Aussie spirit of "she'll be right mate" ;)
I was totally surprised to see Jorge posting a fence photograph too. Simply amazing isn't it? I shoot fences a lot and I use them to reflect my mood.
The opening in the fence, which was fixed, and the mysterious things in the background, make this image very powerful.
I am a fence fan, usually of the wooden variety, but this one works brilliantly.
Wouter, oh wow, if you saw my face right now, you'd be amazed. What a total coincidence, soul mates indeed my friend, I suppose we "see things" similarly. I just love the image Wouter, lovely tones.
sorry to hear of your pain and disappointment. At least your photos are lovely.

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