SIJ - Day 6

SIJ - Day 6

Me and my shadow on our morning constitutional together.
Nice composition BB - feel like I'm walking the dog :smile:

Must say SiJ is showing me the power of many cameras but so far the ones that threaten my pocket - as complements to my existing kit is the GRD and the X10. I think you know which is part your fault ma'am :laugh1:

Again there's that patented BB processing. I'm becoming able to pick your images from a line-up....I'll give it a go myself one day during January - please remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;)
Nice shot, like Sue said the first person POV is great. And like Mark said, your style of processing is becoming very recognisable, as soon as I saw this shot (and your entries of the last 2 days I think) I knew it was yours... cool!

Great bright and warm colours in the fur, by the way!
I think you're shadow likes taking the lead like mine does too. My walks with Butch help me clear my mind. Today I thought he'd ruined my photo op as I accidentally dropped his leash and next thing you know he's swimming in the lake! (There was ice on part of it this morning!) Oh well, got him home and dried him off and headed back out.

This photo says a lot to us dog lovers!
I'm not sure it was the style I recognised, as much as the dog. BB whilst you might be the one being taken for a walk, at least it looks as though it's at a leisurely pace.

You might worry about your SIJ project and the continuation with strong photographs, but in my opinion these kind of photographs are the ones that eventually add substance and personality to it. You can't avoid these kind of images, do don't be afraid to take and share them. That is what stroll photography is all about. Last year I took a whole lot of these type of photographs.

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