SIJ - Day 6
We've had an inordinate amount of interesting cloud patterns in Houston lately. It's generally clear most of the time. Whenever we do have clouds, it covers all of the sky. This is another photo from my office window using the X10, but with the wide angle this time. After using prime lenses for a while, having the zoom on the X10 is pretty liberating. Not much PP this time other than converting from RAW to JPG in LR3.6 and resizing to 1024 pixels. Sky really did look that blue!
the clouds are vividly edged, really striking ... did you punch up the clarity or is that just how clouds are in Tx ?
I did increase the clarity, but they were very edged these past few days. It's not normal for Houston at all.
There's that "space city" again, although this time perhaps it looks more like one of those isolated "rock islands" in Monument Valley, albeit a man made one. I realised that Houston sprawled out for a considerable distance, but I just can't get over how relatively concentrated the centre appears to be, a sudden explosion of high rise buildings.

A great day - you're so lucky to have that expansive view out your office window, Armando! Barrie's observations hold true for me, too... I like that "rock islands".

Enjoy your changing views of nature over that big rock island!
Great view, beautiful sky ... not sure I'd fancy driving on those roads ... too many lanes!
how tiny the cars and highway appear in all this vastness. Really gives a good feel for the massiveness of Houston.

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