SIJ day 7-Jelly Time

SIJ day 7-Jelly Time

My final edit for this day was in the 40s, The central coast offered some many opportunities. I had the hardest time picking the frame I wanted to include here:PS process
Lens (mm): 7.1
ISO: 3200
Aperture: 4
Shutter: 1/25
The ballet of the jelly fish. That photograph comes as close to conveying movement as is possible of such graceful and slow moving creatures in a stills picture.

I read about the white orbs on the X10 Bob but these are huge :laugh1:

Seriously mate, I'm with Bill on the fluidity. Also have to add that the B+W treatment is excellent. ISO3200 :eek: that looks more like grain than noise!!! NICE!
Yes, I want to know - in an aquarium? Wonderfully rendered, Bob. I've always been quite afraid of jellyfish but these are truly beautiful and you've captured their movement in such a lovely way.
Thanks, It was shot at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, they have an amazing jellyfish tank, it is great place to spend the day
There was a programme on TV where this (government) scientist had taken the "DNA" from a jelly fish type thing and introduced them into her daughter pet rabbit which consequently had a blue glowing halo when seen in the dark - not sure if it was true as it was in an episode of Sherlock Holmes that I have just watched on TV ....... but you never know!!!!

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