SIJ - Day 7
[B]At the mercy: small and significant[/B]

This was the very last shot on my stroll this morning to secure safeties. There's a lot that can be improved about this image - esp. from a composition and processing perspective - but I thought as it stood it sort of still says exactly what I was thinking at the time I exposed it.

I'm on acreage far from 'civilisation' and along with the serenity that comes from solitude is also the responsibility. A personal obligation to "control your environment" as much as possible - such as maintaining the grasses. Otherwise it all amounts to nothing but a tinderbox to a stray cinder or lightning strike. I had a very real thought then that I - and my little tribe - are at the complete mercy of the elements out here. I was struck then, as I am when I look back now - with all the 'fuel' about - just of how small and vulnerable we really are.

Sort of scary and yet liberating at the same time.

Not sure if that makes sense....hopefully the photo does a better job.

....either way, my boots and I have much more in the way of work to do!
Fuel load is an Australia wide worry with above average rainfall - good for the crops but bad for grassland and forest. Glad you did not over-process - I like it as is with all those tones in grass, clouds, hills and sky.
real nice color, but if you do not mind I think it would a little stronger if you cropped off some of the bottom,
Beautiful sky and low cloud in the hills. You are blessed with a beautiful home Mark. Hard work for sure, but so beautiful.
I fail to see how the composition could be improved. It works perfectly as is. You certainly live in a gorgeous place!
wow, that's a beautiful but rough place to live... great photo! love how the house seems tucked away in the impressive landscape, with the dark clouds as a little reminder of the changeability of nature...
I love it just the way it is, Mark. Those floating cloud mountains..the deep richness all around - couldn't get any better, Mark. Heavenly.
nice composition - I really like images like this as it illustrates the different places we all live and how far apart we are geographically whilst being so close when we "talk" on the forum

good shot
Beautiful. What a lovely spot. Tinder or not. The sky is just gorgeous here... it looks like a watercolor, and the clouds on the hilltops, well somehow that gives it a wonderful sense of movement. Outstanding.

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