SIJ Day 7
The weather is changing and of course took advantage of our daily walk for this one.
A boy and his dog.

Such wonderful interplay between the clouds in the sky and lake - and your dog's markings. I can feel the breeze. Glad you were home for this, Duane.
lucky lad - great view, fabulous dog and a marvellous place to walk it - what more can the dog ask for, (and the boy as well)

a great friend of mine had a Springer who insisted on chasing seagulls - when it saw them at the coast it would chase after them AND swim out to sea to continue the chase ......... I will not mention the incident with the lifeguard
Great take on the subject of reflection (a shoe-in if we ever have that theme in a Weekly challenge :wink:)
Lovely, Now all they need is the boat. Looks a great place for a peaceful paddle.
this gallery section needs a freaking favorite button. I'd hit it repeatedly for this one. Gorgeous!

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