SIJ - Day 7

SIJ - Day 7

Calle del Cristo (Christ Street), Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The gentleman is sitting on the steps of the entrance to the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe, a well reputed Puerto Rican institution of higher learning.
The tones of your black and white images Antonio, as usual, are impeccable. Not overdone at all and extract the most from the reputedly limited tonal range of the MFT sensor. I especially love the rendering (as show of your control) of the white arches seen through the doorway - excellent!!!

Must also say that I really appreciate your taking the time to provide the background as this has added a lot to the narrative. It challenges my preconceptions of a typical student of 'higher learning' - as this gentleman looks more an alumni of the "School of Hard Knocks" than this academic institution. Enjoyed every minute I spent with this image. Thank you!
A rich range of tones in this one Antonio which is excellent, I also like the way you have retained tone in the arches seen through the gateway, their tone seems to take a slight step in zone placement which gives a lovely feel of them receding into the distance. Given the knowledge of the building that we gained from your introduction I have my doubts about the man in shot, I feel he's not one of the students. I guess his placement to the edge gazing out of the shot breaks the accepted rules, but it works and leaves us, the viewer, pondering on whether he is contemplating something that we can't see or is he occupied with his inner thoughts?
I am drawn to all the lines ging on in this image. The man looking out of the picture breaks the "rules", and feels a bit awkward but intriguing.
Love the composition and the processing, he holds the poise of a thinking man as he observes life passing by. Seems very fitting.
I, too, appreciate reading the background, too. Do you think he was a student or did he just happen to be there? My first thoughts were that this could be a good entry for our current Weekly Challenge. You have a good eye for framing and seeing things that many of us might not see, Antonio. Well done!
I´m quite sure that he is not a student. The Center only grants Masters and PhD level degrees. I may be showing my prejudices here, but he does not look like the doctoral candidate type. One thing about Old San Juan is that many different activities take place here, from the most exalted cultural activities to events of drunkenness and debauchery. It is, however, rich in culture and history and a wonderful place in which to take photographs.

Thank you all for your very kind comments on this and my other SIJ entries.
Someone mentioned the lines... I see them too... but my eye tends to wander up the hill, past the figure loitering in the doorway and on to the top of the stairs where the scene disappears into a higher key. Something about the higher key seems a little flat and not quite realistic... a metaphor perhaps...

I also find all of the textures and stonework fascinating... a street finished in brick? Wow. That would last a week here in the northeast. Anyway, perfect exposure, very interesting subject matter, and a little surprise in the courtyard beyond. Well done.

No standing? How about sitting? Sorry, bad attempt at humor...

There's a story here... I wonder if its off screen to the right. He's looking in that direction and I want to know what he's observing

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