SIJ - Day 7
The GF and I went for a walk this past Saturday while the good weather in Houston lasts. It didn't last for much longer. But it did this past Saturday. We came across a pond and we were trying to get the turtles to swim our way so that I could take photos of them. My GF started motioning and calling the turtles as if they were cats or dogs! Quite entertaining! I couldn't help but to take a photo. I had another couple of good photos that day of the wildlife, but this photo was much more spontaneous. And for the record, the turtles did swim our way! I think they were waiting for us to feed them.
She's a turtle siren! I can't believe it was that warm! I know you're south but really, that's shocking to me as I just came in bundled up in polar fleece, a big fat down jacket, scarf, hat and gloves.

It's good to have these kinds of pictures - I hope you've got a whole bunch of 'em.
My thoughts are the same as BB's ... did winter miss you guys this year?
LOL...I can almost hear her calling them to come over. great story to go with the shot.

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