SIJ Day 8 - Morning Walk, Portsmouth, NH

SIJ Day 8 - Morning Walk, Portsmouth, NH

Went for a morning walk in Portsmouth and so did this guy with his music player as well.
He might have gone walking, but unlike you, how much is he seeing? You've certainly caught a far away mood on his face.

He looks like he's listening to a tour guide "at the end of the street, you can see...".
Wow is that Mike Moore? He's probably listening out for the next injustice to befall the Nation.

Like the composition with strong lines leading us in and the diagonal framing giving the image dynamism.
He's been transported to another place... lets hope he gets to where hes going, safely. A good street shot, well caught.
"Mike Moore" should be so lucky, Mark!:biggrin: Good catch...from down below, I'd guess? Unless you were kneeling you must have been holding this down below your waist? Good for you for framing! Looks as though you all are having unseasonably warm weather, as well.
He's in a different world, seems completely unaware of you and your camera.

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