SIJ Day#8 The Moonilight dinner

SIJ Day#8 The Moonilight dinner

When I went to feed the cats their dinner the other night, I noticed a big, bright moon perfectly aligned with the upstairs window. I thought it would be a cool shot. I tried a bunch of different shots, but I wanted a beautiful detailed moon instead of the glowing blown-out one I got.

I kept shortening the exposure, but obviously then everything else was pitch black. One of the cats had already left in disgust and I realized the other one wasn't going to wait until I brought out the tripod and tried to learn some crazy advanced strobist magic, so this is what you're stuck with. It was not a great day for shooting, but I had 3 shots to choose from. I went for this one for the black and white-centric serious compact group. I also like that Oscar is peering into the darkness since I think it lets the viewer wonder what he's looking at.
Thought provoking, took me a little bit to realize that you were inside looking out. This could be one to revisit with your tripod if you can get Oscar to cooperate.

Good for you for staying in the game!
An interesting shot. I like the black and white treatment, and the way the cat seems to have been disturbed by something unseen in the darkness distracting him from his meal.
I like it - kind of like a cat's version of a film where the main character is seen on a corner beneath a lonely street light in the opening shot!
Luke - you need to get home from work early whilst it is still "light" - well I suppose there is the weekend!
Not sure if that moment will happen again. Like how the cat seems mesmerised by the same light that I was on looking at the image. :thumbsup: Oh yeah nice processing, so fitting the image
I like this. The wedge of stairs leading up to the moon but who knows what's in between. Oscar has a great tail.

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