SIJ - Day 8
[B]Lawn dozers[/B]

Thought I'd get today's entry in early.

Here's a fraction of my lawn mowing herd. You'd look at the fore- and mid- ground and think they're doing a great job...well I find it curious that I work hard for a few days to mow about 5 acres of our property and that's where they choose to hang out! There's over hundred acres of waist high, nutrient rich pasture out there that craves their attention....but of course it's always best to luxuriate in the wake of work done.

Oh who am I kidding, they are just great to have around the place.
nice comp nice processing
there's a sort of hyperreal crispness to this shot
Mark, you're so funny but I do love this picture. I feel as though I'm looking at an oil painting - such rich, deep colors..and the look of contemplation...and probably cud chewing on their faces...except for that dark one who seems to be fast asleep. What a view!!!! I'd be luxuriating there, as well, if I could. Lovely bit of sunlight lighting up that grassy area on that hill way out there.

If I lived there, I think I'd never leave.
Love them, Mark, but they are laying down on the job because they know its going to rain. Also, you beat me to day 8 :p
Very nice (literally) pastoral scene. You are fortunate to have this indeed. I miss keeping animals such as this...
Fantastic, Mark. I think I would love to just sit on the ground with the cows and enjoy the view.
Puts me in mind of Hand Heysen (Oz artist) - all it needs is some stringybark gum trees.
If I had these views of yours, I would just sit down and not get any work done. I like the darkish colors in this one, which give a bit of a rainy feel to the image.

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