SIJ - Day 8

SIJ - Day 8

I found this quote today and its exactly how I feel.

"I think that mysterious things happen in familiar places.... I like ambiguity in a photograph... When we do not know why a photographer has taken a picture, and when we do not know why we are looking at it, all of a sudden, we discover something that we start seeing" Saul Leiter
The quote is entirely appropriate in this case. I still cannot figure out what I'm looking at, but it's wonderful. Nice POV and use of selective focus and beautiful tonality.
ajramirez and bizmale have said it all - great photo of something little but wonderful in what I assume to be an ordinary place :)
Beautiful zeroing in, Jorges. I think we're looking at the fire escape outside an apartment window...looking across to another window? Or maybe a metal walkway?

Whatever it is or where it was doesn't matter to me - it's the wet raininess of it all, along with the highlights and reflections that I like so much.
Great image and text Jorge.

Not really fussed with what we're actually looking at here, what strikes me more is the story being told. I could be way-off...and normally am :blush: But the narrative I hear is that each of these 'bodies of water' is like its own ecosystem - like a dome encasing and protecting all the water that participates in it. Each is a different shape and so expresses itself so differently (well for those lucky enough to not fall between the cracks of course). But we all know this is so fleeting and come morning and the viewing of the sun will see these little worlds disappear forever. Hopefully, to be replaced by something similar - but never the same - the next day. So it tels me something about the transience of life and, at a macro scale, of cultures and civilisations that we (as participants) invest so much in and take so seriously.

Great story telling here Jorge...even if I got the tenor of it wrong.
The prize goes to Marlof, yup, its not a table but a bench at the Univ of Miami, the time, early morning, drops everywhere. I saw it and it caught my attention and told my fiancee to hold on "honey" while I snapped this image.

Stillshunter - oh my what narrative, amazing indeed, I'd love to hear what you have to say about this. You really went the extra mile here, its the story the drop, the quotidian, the simple things in photography that given the right POV really stand out. Cheers.

Thanks everyone, I'm so glad I joined this great forum.

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