SIJ Day 8

SIJ Day 8

I was hoping for a decent shoot today but the weather was against me. A shot of my new bike was the best of about 10 shots I took before heading home.
Ah, the new weapon in your SIJ armoury, does that mean we now have to declare our mode of transport? You've caught the dark and light tones well.

I like how the black lines of the bike contrast against the background.
Well exposed and composed image Norman.

Must say I really like your new wheels. This is precisely the sort of bike I would have liked. Rather than the 48 speed contraptions that litter our stores with a steel fist for a seat and handlebars that put you in a position far too prone. Looks like a beauty for just cruising.
Finally figured out how to reply here - quick reply was giving me access denied errors.

I partly chose this style of bike because it is unfashionable and therefore less a target for thieves! Also I think as you get older you worry less about fashion and are more concerned with function and this bike seems well built and should last a lifetime if I look after it. Got to admit though I take no pleasure in riding up hills. Once I've reached the top and can get my breath back I'm glad I did it, but at the time... I guess my body will thank me for it in the long run.
Nice bike. I like the fence behind. It provides a nice framework for the bike.
So there it is! Snazzy. I prefer the upright riding position also, but I need the multiple speeds. Even then have to walk up hills.

The bike itself is well shot, and has the potential for some brilliant macro/closeup shots as well :)
A beautiful classic - the bicycle and your image! I admire your bicycling, too!
A classic from Dawes.
I wonder about why the slanted top tube?
Nice ride I'll bet.

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