SIJ - Day 8

SIJ - Day 8

In my humble opinion, the loveliest painter in our fair town of Caguas, Puerto Rico. She was painting at Plaza Palmer, our town square. Her name is Zulma and we have been married for 15 years.
Whoa Antonio! Thank you for sharing this one. My better half would prefer not to be seen. A lovely partner indeed and her artwork is especially nice too!
A talent for visual art is clearly a shared characteristic in the Ramirez household! Very nice! :)
I'd like to say that you're a little biased Antonio, but we have the irrefutable photographic proof!

Your wife looks completely absorbed in her art, as you do in yours! This bodes well for a long, harmonious and loving life together. We next need a photo of Antonio Jnr photographing Antonio Snr photographing Zulma painting impressions of her beloved son. :thumbsup:

Must say I love the vibrant colours and the rendering of the skin tones, which - especially the right hand - looks almost energised with electricity!
I agree with everyone's comments, Antonio. What I love is that Zulma is so immersed in her subject and that you made this picture of her as she while she was so into her art that she didn't even seem to notice you. Lovely in every way, including the naturalness of this portrait. I'm drawn right to her eye and from there move to her hand with the paint brush...and back again.

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