SIJ - Day 8

SIJ - Day 8

"She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes!" (a children's song)

Good friends create an amazing miniature Presepio...a wonderful Portuguese village with fantastic details...including the nativity scene... And they do it every year and have a great party as close to Epiphany as possible. I chose this image for my SIJ entry because I liked the view.
Oh to hear that whistle blow. Were the colours rendered in a rather garish tone deliberately BB, I guess you must have emphasised them with some post processing.
Recognised this as another 'BBW' from the colour of the thumbnail - an intriguing image.
Great composition and subject here BB. Nicely rendered. You really do know how to show off that X10!

You mentioned changing the colour settings with the X10. Have you done so? As I'm still seeing that patent BB colour palette here. Hey, I don't want it changed one bit, but just curious is all.

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