SIJ Day 9 - Political Rally, Exeter. NH

SIJ Day 9 - Political Rally, Exeter. NH

Came across a Town Hall meeting for the Republican candidate Jon Huntsman tonight. Lots of action with media coverage and some political activists.
Like Bill said, it's right on our doorsteps here in Australia too. An odd thing these pre-selections....
Good one, and I like the expressions on his supporters' faces - especially the one that looks as though she might have been a redhead, behind the fellow who appears initially as your main focal point. It's tough to stand out there in the cold.

This is one of the things that is great about living in an active town/ can walk in and there's something to see. Our town is pretty much now filled with expensive restaurants and banks..and some other very odd stores that one can't imagine lasting. You live in a great spot...It's been way too many years since I've been up that way. But I digress.

Keep up your interesting exposures!
The girl at the back looks like she's had a long night going by her body posture. I'm guessing she's not balancing a traffic cone on her shoulder.

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