SIJ Day#9 - Sunset over Milwaukee

SIJ Day#9 - Sunset over Milwaukee

I very nearly was shut out yesterday for the single in. I had no safeties worth sharing and I brought my camera along for the day and saw nothing worth shooting. As I headed over the bridge which is my last leg home I started to worry about getting home in time to have any decent light. Then it hit me.

Without looking off the road and traffic, I hit the power switch, rolled down the passenger side window and blindly fired off 5 shots figuring I could crop something decent. My only worry was that I wouldn't get a good exposure. I don;t even use my phone in the car and don't really approve of photographing while driving, but it really was totally blind. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
You should be happy - the silhouettes are wonderfully spaced. Glad you were shooting "blind", Luke.

Any chance of getting out at break time or shooting at work? I don't know what you do for a living, so it may well not be opportune.

I think we all need to remind ourselves that every day does not a masterpiece make, at least I can say that for myself.
I agree BB. The SIJ is not worth risking your life or losing your driving license over. Don't worry about the masterpieces, every day life and objects are interesting too. A beautiful sky though.
I would find it very difficult to take part in this challenge if I was working all day, so I take my hat off to those people who are in that position and still take part. A shame that your photography has to be rushed, but at least you have a memory of the particular moment and are able to share it with us, excellent.

Don't listen to them Luke - I often shoot from the car - it's fun and I'm sure that you are a good driver anyway..... so "no worries"

It is surprising how the shots turn out and in this digital medium in is possible to be creative once back at base

Well done it's a very atmospheric shot full of warm
Not condoning your recklessness Luke - you young scamp you :laugh1: But the shot worked a treat. Really like the amount of layers within this silhouette. Works for me!!!

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