SIJ - Day 9
[B] A long hard thirst [/B]

Bit of a hypocrite today didn't take my own advice and neglected my safety this morning. Well it ended up quite a big day - being Round 5 of Mark vs Grass. Only just got in at 7pm and all I felt like was a big cold beer. But I made a pact with myself..."you can have one [I]after[/I] you take your photo for the day.

Well I think it's pretty obvious that I have a one-track mind. And as I write this I'm not sure if the beer is well-deserved but after ten hours solid slog I can tell you it tastes simply divine!!!
Mark, at least you kept your resolve to take photographs before taking a drink, well done for that, but no safety shots, oh dear. I seem to remember someone urging us to do just that, now, if I could remember who it was I'd give you a link to their message :wink:

Marlof, mate you weren't the only one. Hence my focus on the liquid, and not so much the solid, parts of the image :wink:
That's a local brew for me and a nice drop too. Captured well - could be an advertising shot.
From a distance your little cherub looks well endowed, but without my lenses in I just can't see a foot in front of me!
Love the background, Mark! A well deserved cold one!:drinks:

Briar, I'm still laughing.:biggrin:

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