SIJ Day 9
A self portrait handheld using the 5n's "hand held twilight mode". It takes multiple shots and trys to make a sharp photo from them. Kinda works and would come in handy in an emergency if you forgot the flash.

Also put through SEP2. Only had the camera on for about 10 mins today - having finished a 12 hour shift I was too tired to really make much effort. Still I guess I'm getting to experiment more with low light so I'm learning something.
Try, try again is my motto. Sometimes you get one quick and sometimes you don't. Yours worked well. Has that old photojournalist catch as catch can look.
NIce tones. This worked out well Norman, has a slight HDR feel to it, and you're right it would be quite a handy function to have available.
I agree, it doesn't look like a self portrait. You have a thoughtful pose.
Norman, I'm with everyone else who says this is not a typical self portrait at all. You could be on to a new series - I like it and the toning very much.
I like the shadow of your glasses frames falling on your face. I guess I like the lighting. Cool shot.

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