SIJ - Day 9
This is what happens when all of a sudden, it's 7 o'clock and you have no shot for the day. Got into my car drove to Plaza Palmer and took several photographs of the Christmas decorations (which are still up and lit) and of the trees. I rather like this one, though.
The starbursts here Antonio are jaw-dropping....did you use a filter?

Otherwise, I love the tones and textures....
One of the mighty Ents, but likewise I'm not so happy with the lights. That being said shadow and highlight details have been beautifully preserved.

No filter was used. The starlights seem to be the result of having closed the lens down to 7.1. The camera was tripod mounted for the shot. I guess I'm indifferent to the starlights; I don't love them, but I don't mind them either. Thanks for your comments.
that's a wonderful looking tree! You did great capturing all the details and tonalities... the starbursts are pretty cool in isolation but I think they do take the attention away from the knarly weathered look of the tree a little bit... on the other hand I kind of like the combination of something so weathered and old, and something so literally shiny and new and temporary!
Wow - wonderful! A true Ent, as Barrie has observed. Beautiful, Antonio - and I think the starburst lights add to the image and make it more intriguing. Another image for a children's book, I think.

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