SiJ Day Two

SiJ Day Two

Standing on the South bank of the River Clyde looking West. It's an old jetty in the foreground with the new build and very expensive condos on the North bank (where the old grain store used to be). Bit of a juxtaposition documenting the gradual change on the banks of the Clyde...
The juxtaposition is clear - and your colors, the colors of the water, the soft sky, the expensive condos...and the old jetty anchoring everything... Change comes whether we wish it to, or not. Looks as though there are quite a few people living over there already!
This has a very filmic look to it, maybe even a bit of slide film characteristic because of the ingenious mix of vibrant colours and soft transitions - I like the overall look a lot, as well as the composition.
Those condos are new since my last visit. A good angle to communicate the past fading before the future.
Thanks for all your lovely supportive comments folks.

I'm wrestling with this lens though. I'll try doing something different tomorrow (and the day after and the day after that!). ;)
I love old jetties and piers like this - a reminder that the water is the only thing that is effectively forever.
Cool composition. I like the jetty falling apart and the 'pile of new buildings'

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