SIJ - Day04

SIJ - Day04

Four paws, one tail. I had taken a couple earlier in the day but didn't like the way either turned out so I recruited Bella as my model for this shot.
A pause for reflection. Sorry, had to write that Olli. In all seriousness, as soon as I spied the thumbnail, I knew it was Bella. Peaceful and so real, that I feel as though I might wake her.
Excellent!!!! Love how the mind can piece together the rest of what happens out of frame from this small clue. You have caught the essence of a hound at peaceful rest. Hats off Olli!
Makes me want to sniff those paws. It's my all-time favorite smell....doggie paws.
Thanks all.

Interesting hobby Luke. I'm sure Bella would be happy to let you have a sniff. She's very easy going that way.

Heather, since I don't speak vet I'm can neither confirm no deny your thought. I do get the granulation bit though. Our vet talked to us about it at the time. A few years ago Bella was involved in a car accident and that foot was very seriously damaged - three broken toes, two of which were on the verge of amputation at one point, connective tissues torn and shredded and most of the skin from the top of her foot torn off. Three months of bandaging and daily applications of raw honey later she recovered, albeit with a permanent weakness in her foot. The scarring is at the edge of the area where the skin grew back

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