SIJ - Day04

SIJ - Day04

"Work In Progress"

Sorry, I had no time to get out today as I'm trying to take advantage of a narrow window to get some parts painted for this project. Tomorrow is my only chance for awhile as the temps should be in the low 60's.

Taken with the Canon S95 at 35mm equiv. Processed in LR3.5, Nik HDR eFex Pro and Nik SEF Pro.
Nice shot Otto.

Looks no small task to her going again. But you also look so organised. I have more stuff strewn from **ahem** to breakfast (as the Aussie saying goes) when I service my ride-on mower :blush:
I wouldn't mind if all your shots are of this project. It looks interesting.
looks cool - I've been there with cars and bikes - I hope that you get the time to finish it
Now we know what that project looks like. Please Otto, keep us in the loop! I think it would be a great idea to make this as much of your SIJ as you'd like. There are so many photo ops! What year is this beauty?
I thought about doing the entire SIJ with photos of the project, but thought no one would be interested. Perhaps I'll do just that as my time to get out for photography is very limited right now. I'll try to make the images interesting, but no guarantees I can pull that off.

It's a 1970 Ford Falcon built 9-11-69. Only 4173 of this model were built that year as they went to the Torino body style mid-year, and then dropped the nameplate. This style is considered the "big birds" of the Falcon series and closely follow the "B" body Fairlanes and Comets of '66-'67. It was originally a six cylinder with a three speed standard transmission. I'm putting a built 351 Windsor with a C4 automtic in it.

It was completely disassembled before sending if off for media blasting, and paint. I couldn't do those in my garage as I live in a duplex townhome, and my neighbors wouldn't appreciate the noise, or smell of the paint.

Thanks for your comments, and thanks for suggesting I use this as my SIJ source. Hopefully you won't be sorry.
Not many people remember the falcon. I had one of the early ones after it was worn out. You must post pics in color, when the paint goes on.
ok I cant even change a tyre !! good luck with it , im sure its very satisfying!

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