SIJ - Day05 Rough conditions at Peartree Point

SIJ - Day05 Rough conditions at Peartree Point

This is Peartree Point looking back towards Start Point Lighthouse. This is a good area for Atlantic Grey Seals and I was amazed that what I took to be a piece of driftwood bobbing around just beyond the rocks that are immediately in front of my position turned out to be a seal, then I saw a second one, both absolutely oblivious to the breaking seas.

Processing and black and white conversion done in Bibble Pro 5.2.2
Wow!! How exciting being there must have been, Barrie! This is one of your best ever black and whites - and a great image! The wild ocean, the dark rocks, the breaking waves and that pristine and watchful lighthouse. I'd have loved to have been there - and to have seen the seals!
great atmosphere ! you can feel the movement and black and white adds to the mood !
I really get the feeling of the waves smashing in. Just the right amount of contrast.
Like katyh said, you can really feel what it must be like to stand there and see the enormous power of the waves... great!
Love the framing of the shot - between those two large rocks. Nice balance of fore-, mid- and background. Your composition and processing just screams "POWER"!
Fantastic shot Barrie. It looks like it was an exciting place to be. I love the black and white processing here.
Nice! Makes me want to visit and I live by the ocean (ours is too tame nearby). Already evokes power - looks like a fantastic place to visit in a storm to capture wild fury!

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