SIJ - Day05

SIJ - Day05

"At The Blast Cabinet"

Sorry for the poor entry. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.

Taken with the S95 at 35mm equiv. Processed in LR3.5, Nik HDR eFex Pro and Nik SEF Pro.

Been working hard the last couple of days to get some parts media blasted in preparation for painting. The temp today was marginal, but was able to paint them. On hold again now until another break in the temps.

It takes a lot of time to prepare each nut & bolt plus all the other various parts. There are approximately 20,000 parts in the average car of this era, and each one has to be dealt with, if you're as obsessive as I am. It's all about the details.
Excellent processing here Otto.

Was so different when I opened the image - from the thumbnail I thought you'd snapped a DJ and had taken to late night mixing :wink:

Obviously this attention to detail has prepared you well for photography and the intricacies of framing and exposure...
What in heaven't name are you apologizing for, Otto?! This is great - the processing seems perfect for the picture! You've got yourself a very nice setup there.

I have to laugh because from the thumbnail, I also felt it was going to be a DJ!

This is a wonderful picture, Otto. Very well done.
Blast cabinet is a wonderful tool for old equipment repair/restoration. Keep us up with the progress. Pictures are not always about beauty, color and drama, but documenting life.
20,000 parts? Wow, I can barely put together my coffee machine.
Devils in the detail as they say, sounds like a lot of work, you've gotta be keen.

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