SIJ - Day06

SIJ - Day06

"Titan IV"

A break from the project today took me to the Wings Over The Rockies museum at the old Lowry Air Force Base, now mostly surrounded by upscale homes.

You're looking into the business end of a Titan IV rocket engine. Taken with the S95 at 35mm equiv. Processed in LR3.5 and Topaz B&W Efects. Sorry for the size. For some reason I couldn't get LR to export it to a smaller size. Strange as the others have been no problem.

Just edited this to reflect that it is a Titan IV, not Saturn IV engine. I was falling asleep at my keyboard when posted.
Thanks for the explanation Otto - as without the text I would have I thought it the Rolls Royce of shower-heads :blush:

What a strong graphic image....has something almost religious about it? So natural a monochrome.....
A metal flower is closest to what I thought it could be, but the Rolls Royce of showerheads is a hilarious suggestion :laugh1:

thanks for the explanation of this really cool image! Too bad I don't really have a clue how a rocket works so I still don't know how to call the things I'm seeing, I can only guess what their functions are...
Looks like a flower made of steel. I just noticed I'm not the only one to think so. I like it.
Wonderful, Otto!

The size looks perfect here to me, just so you know.

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