Me and my best mate were fooling around with the camera today when this image was shot, I decided this will by my day 7 image for SIJ
interesting, intriguing and a well define image
- good to get it so sharpe at f1.2 - must have a steady hand as the DOF at 1.2 is very limited - but VC do produce sharpe lenses
I don't know what it is but I do like this picture very much, Phoenix. It seems as though you've caught a bit of the universe in that little loop!
No idea what we are looking at - a wall clock? - but there is so much going on in that little space. Great work Phoenix
Thanks, it's the wall clock in my lounge.

I called it Temporis, which means manipulation of time.
Yes, this is really quite good. Almost wish i did not know what it is now. Heh. Well seen and excellent capture.
Very minimalist - would make a good print - well done Mark in guessing what it was.

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