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It was really challenging taking photos of the native possums in very low light. It was hard to nail critical focus as they're very fast, devilishly agile, and they dont react or move in a predictable way the little bas...cute critters.
I literally took almost a hundred shots and only a handful was in focus.
Thank goodness you told me what this little cutie is! Never, ever would I have guessed that it was a possum - ours are as ugly as sin!

I think you did very well, Phoenix and when I scroll down just a little bit knocking out the bench, I can get a real feel for this little fellow. The velvet texture of his fur is beautiful. Very beautiful with the limited range of tones and darkness!
Hats off to you Phoenix, as even with the best kit these guys are hard to nail in a frame. You did an outstanding job with the 35mm. Wait a second 35mm!!! :eek: I'm more than a little nervous that you got so a wildlife rescuer and (sometimes) carer I know first-hand how aggressive these little critters can be (just like our "cute" koalas, wombats, kangaroos, etc.). Encroach too far into their comfort zone, and they often chose fight over flight. And man do they have some feral claws and teeth...
like BBW said, ours are UGLY little critters. I just want to snuggle up with this one.

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