Williamstown Marina by night

What caught me eye was the boat masts against the sky, it kinda reminded me of a medieval armies carrying spears or some sort boat graveyard at night.
I can see what you mean, Phoenix. I'm thinking of the big ships filled with conscripts rowing those giant oars!

You've got great night vision and your camera handles it beautifully!
A forest of masts. I like the bands of light on the water leading into the picture.
Love the masts against the night sky and the reflections on the water. I can hear the lapping of water against the hulls, the random chirping of seagulls and the sea salt smell in the night air.


Hope you're keeping safe on those mean Melbourne streets at these hours Phoenix....or are you travelling with a posse?
Nicely Seen!
Is this the face that launched a thousand ships
And burned the topless towers of Ilium?
I love the city lights through the masts. Very cool shot and perfect exposure.

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