"Let There Be Taillights"

Well, got a lot done today. Assembled the taillight assemblies, and got them installed along with the quarter extensions that finishes off the rear of the quarter panel.

Taken with the Canon S95 at 28mm equiv. (I forgot to set the focal length to 35mm today). Processed in LR3.5 and Nik SEP.

No set date for completion, but I'm working on it daily. The engine is built, and the interior is finished except for the headliner, and carpet. The interior, along with the hood, are stored in a spare bedroom as I have no more room in the garage. Thanks to the dollies under the wheels, I move the car to the center of the garage when I'm actually working on it, and then move it back so momma can park inside without having to deal with the weather this time of year.

I would like to get it on the road perhaps late this year, but part of the enjoyment is the journey. I plan on keeping this car for a long time, and perhaps pass it on to my grandson at some future date. He, and his sister, are just three (twins).
I went to edit my poat but got a strange mumbled mess so am posting a new comment here.

Speaking of a timeline, although I would like to get the car on the road this year, I won't compromise on the quality of the job, so it might take longer. Doing it to my satisfaction does take longer I'll admit, but I just can't do it any other way.
Really nice tones here Otto. Seems you've really turned a corner on this build. Wonder how much more can be done in the fortnight left...
Another terrific photo and the car is looking great. On this one you can really see the fantastic shine and quality of the paint job. I'm certain that when you are done, the car will be 1,000 times better than what originally came out of the Ford factory.
Am I right that this is a Ford Fairlane? My college boyfriend had old one, of course,...and it was a light blue/turquoise and white...if my memory serves me.

I'm so impressed by your work on this car, Otto - as well as the excellent images you create with your S95,:th_salute:

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