Wandering with shadows

I was wandering around looking for something to shoot, it's 'one of those days' where you just can't get any inspiration at all, the streets are empty, most people are asleep and it's hard looking for subjects in the dark. I just decided to take a photo of the road I was driving on (the focus isn't spot on, then again I was also driving the car)
Your aimed perfectly, Phoenix. That bright dash of white - glowing is perfect...with the other more subdued line off to the left and those out of focus lights in the distance.

Well done and be careful, OK?

I like this very much.
Let's hope that's not a UFO coming the other way. Actually it doesn't appear to be a threatening picture, despite the overall darkness, I wonder why that is?

I genuinely feel that I am missing something here. I've looked at this on a couple of monitors and it is just too dark for me.

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