"DeLaney Round Barn"

Originally constructed in 1902 as a grain silo, this round building was converted into a two-story cow barn around 1912. Perhaps the only surviving round barn in Colorado, its exceptional construction and engineering are believed to be the work of an itinerant carpenter. The John DeLaney family lived in a home across Toll Gate Creek and raised livestock.

Taken with the Canon S95 at 35mm equiv. Processed in LR3.6, Nik HDR and SEP.
Otto nicely composed - there is some glow around the roof line which may be from PP.

Quite amazing to have a round wooden structure.
I love round barns and this is a wonderfully intense view of this one. Your framing and the way you've photographed and pp'd this are so well done, Otto. I like the drama and kind of super real look you've achieved very much.

I get a cold windy feeling and am guessing there are now cows in there now. I bet it felt good to be out there.
Yes, I was able to lessen the halo a bit, but wasn't able to get rid of it completely. Just being lazy I guess.

Although the temperature wasn't that bad, it was much, much colder than the numbers said it was. My hands were getting numb by the end of the shoot. In hind site, I think the bridge photo in my SIJ Day 11-20 Outtakes thread is a better one than this.

Thank you all for the comments. My arm was hurting too much from all the time at the blast cabinet to do anything on the car. Planning on painting those parts tomorrow, if the wind dies down.
Otto, there is very I don't love about this shot.

Composition and exposure (as well as tonal range) are spot-on. Excellent B+W conversion too.

But beyond the technicals, I love the feel of this shot. How can you look at it and not feel calm?....or maybe that's the spirit of the cows that now live in it :wink:
Lovely. I like the sky. These are rare. There is a round barn in my town in Connecticut. That one is in private hands. Also one at Shelburne Vermont (part of a museum). Never seen another. This makes a third.

Thanks for the historical context.

Very nice Otto,
I have been filling a few of the modern version of these in the last couple of weeks with wheat.

Beautiful tonal control in this shot.

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