SIJ Day20 DP1

SIJ Day20 DP1

OK so I had to resort to an image of my desk.
if you want things to be as cluttered as in my room, try harder!:p but it's comforting to know I'm not the only one with lots of stuff lying around...
Maybe we should combine it with my earlier bookshelf shot :) It's funny how we perceive our own personal workspaces.
Looks like some serious work happens here mate. I'm sure there is order to the chaos though :wink: Thanks for the insight on the space behind the man.
Thanks for your comments :)

I use the archaeological filing method. The deeper in the pile the older it is. Works much better for a disslexik like me than alphabetically in a filing cabinet.
Heh... archaeological filing method. Funny, I take this as a sign of brilliance. My boss has a desk like this at work. He is and exceedingly brilliant guy. I have watched him address a section, leaf down through and pull out something he was seeking.
Will, thank you!

Great color!:biggrin:

Love your "archaeological filing system" and just read it aloud while showing my daughter your picture. She uses the archaeological laundry sorting system.:rolleyes:

Great minds and all that, Will.:thiagree:

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