"Serious Business"

I didn't think I had any photos for Day23, but forgot I took these. Hope this isn't too graphic, but this is what I was facing yesterday during my "simulation" for my coming radiation therapy treatments.

There is the obvious ultrasound "probe", and the needles on the table that are used to implant golden "seeds" used for triangulation. The square black box on the table has a 12x13 grid pattern used to direct the needles to the planned locations in the prostate. You can get an idea of the length of the needles used in this procedure.

The golden seeds, along with three tattoos, will be used for alignment of the upcoming radiation treatments.

It wasn't as painful as it looks. Of course the Valium and Vicodins helped tremendously.

Taken with the Canon S95 at 35mm equiv. Processed in LR3.6, Topaz Adjust and Nik SEP.
The graphic treatment of this image has made the scene look as though its some medical set up from about fifty years ago, at least that was how I first reacted to it, and sort of cringed. I'm glad you gave us a full explanation.


PS, I wasn't cringing at the picture, but at the thought of it being a fifty year old medical procedure. B.
I didn't realise that motor vehicle restoration was so exact!!!!!!

- good luck with the new "paint job"

- I'm sure you'll be OK - document the progress that you make

Best wishes
Very graphic, Otto but not "too graphic" at all.

This is, however, much stronger than the "simulation" that I'd envisioned. If you could do a series on your experience it could be quite an important one... The more this sort of thing is de-mystified, the more one hopes that people will be less likely to turn away and not know what to say or avoid going to their own doctors. You're seemingly pragmatic approach to this process is both courageous and generous, at the same time.

This procedural scene also really does remind me of some of your car restoration images....the set up and preparation, and dedication.

Very well done, packed with emotion and yet not maudlin in anyway.
I echo BB's sentiments. It's especially true for men who are notorious for not wanting to visit their doctor. It doesn't take much in the way of preventive maintenance to keep most of us running a little bit longer, but so many just put it off.

How about a series of diptychs of your car restoration and your "restoration". That's certainly something that no one has done before.
A timely reminder - saw a news item last night quoting the same success rate as surgery - I'm sure you'll be fine.
Oh Otto. I love your mind mate. In the face of reality, what's a real photog to do but shoot! Thanks so much for the document! :2thumbs:

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