SIJ Day24 DP1

SIJ Day24 DP1

Picture of my local marked. Very overcast today to it took a lot of pp to get to this.
The young man in the stall is famous for calling out in the old fashioned way.
"Banana's, in their pyjamas, a walking up the stairs."
"Iceberg like wot sank the Titanic" (a type of lettuce)
"come on ladies, don't be shy, form an orderly que" (shouted out to the one lady in the square at the time!)
He starts this at 7.30am and honestly doesn't stop all day until about 6 in the evening.
This is your daily local market? If so, I'm amazed - how great to have an outdoor market that exists not just in the summer and not just on weekends. It looks quite temperate there for this time of year.

You did very well with your pping, I'd never have guessed you had to work so hard on it, Will.

Love the stripes of the awnings with those twinkling lights and the facades of the buildings. A great scene and I think I can hear that young man calling out his wares!
Indeed it's a very natural looking image, great job! Do most of the market salespeople call it in a more business-like way these days, or do they not call out at all anymore?

in Rotterdam, the market moves around and visits different squares on different days of the week, although the central market square is visited twice a week. The salespeople loudly praise their wares and prices all the time, but not as humourously as the guy at your market, Will!
I love the idea of fresh local produce all the time, but no one likes a loudmouth. Great shot!
Thanks all.

The market is on Tuesdays, Saturdays and some bank holidays and opens in all weathers. There is a large variety of stalls. Bakers, fresh meat, fish (Saturdays only), cheese and pies, flowers, jewellery, Caribbean cakes, shoes, old tools, clothing, picture framing, electrical spares, garden plants specialising in herbs, etc. Maybe I'll do a series on it.

It was about 10 C yesterday but it was very damp and overcast.
Unfortunately the veg man is the only one who calls out and is very popular with the locals and tourists but not so much with the rest of the stall holders who don't call out and even had him banned from calling for a while. The public demanded he be allowed again and the local council relented.
I'm jealous mate. LOve the feel of this shot and it makes me wish I had one of these down my road. Would certainly inspire greater things than what I subject my intensines to.

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