Lest we forget
I wish we would never need another memorial. Until that time, I will keep shooting them. Well done.
Ah Altona. I have relatives there....:thumbsup:

I mistook you for being from the more affluent southside (around St. Kilda judging my the seaside shots) neck of the woods. Never knew you were from the badlands. Have many a fond memory watching the Sunshine Football (aka Soccer) Club playing....great mates on the side back then.

Love the lighting here Phoenix
I like this because we can read all the names even in the low light. I find the flare of light in the lower left corner a bit distracting though.
Phoenix, you do so well with your night shots. I think that's a flame above the list of names? Beautifully seen and an impressive image with its clarity of the stone's engravings... That flame and its setting add so much interest to this eyes keep going back and forth between those who have fallen and the eternal flame...and yet that lighted doorway in the back draws me towards it, too.

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