Bolte bridge from the Docklands

While I was taking my Day 28 photo in the Docklands, I completely lost track of time and ended up staying there till midnight, and since it's officially the 'next day' I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take my day 29 photo.
Well you certainly don't turn into a pumpkin come midnight. Instead you seem to click up a notch once the minute hand clicks past the 12.

This is such a beautifully balanced image. Love the lighting. The image is also as crisp as the air must have been just then...
Good for you, Phoenix you night shooter!

An excellent image - wonderful to have that glow of light on the right coming out of the darkness.

You've really got this night vision down!
Ver nice Phoenix, I took a similar shot last year while on a visit to Melbourne. Mine was taken a bit further round, where the cow is upside down in the tree.

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