in the naaaaaaame of love.........

I was feeling playful today being the last day of the SiJ challenge so I decided to recycle an old idea and took this image for my last entry in SiJ.
Like the roadmarkings and the oof background. I'm getting to see the charm of narrow DOF in more than closeups.
A great symbol for the end of this challenge....certainly is time to STOP.

Must say it's been an absolute pleasure hanging with you for the month Phoenix, I'm going to miss your sense of humour and sort of going to miss worrying about your nocturnal wanderings....even with your ninja powers :wink: Hope we still have some excuse to keep up the banter in the wider world of SC.
Phoenix, I didn't try to figure out what time of day you shot this image... I'm thinking it's might be early evening?

Your ability to see and photograph so well in low light is impressive...and this last one, is quite lovely. Because of needing to have such a shallow depth of field, the background, and even the stop sign itself, have all been reduced to shapes and tones...very impressionistic and a bit like a Rorshach test.

Congratulations upon adding your last photo for this month long project - and I look forward to following along with your future pictures, as well!

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