An uninspiring subject but this is a 6 shot handheld HDR which I'm pleased with from the process point of view. Shot Raw X100 and tonemapped in Photomatix which did a good job of de-ghosting..
I like this style of HDR Bill. Not overcooked and natural looking, giving you a nice tonal latitude. Also like the placement of the light and use of the clouds in the background - as they relate to the fronds. Highlighting key edges very nicely indeed!

A well thought-out shot.
I like the shot! For some reason I've always liked the look of tropical trees with dark clouds in the background... HDR worked out very well indeed!
Nice one, Bill. I'm not usually fond of HDR most other is overdone. Yours is perfect.
Interesting angle and doesn't have the over the top look of so many HDR images.
Would have never guessed this was a HDR photo. Is this a palm tree or coconut tree? My guess is coconut?
I don't like HDR much (it confuses my senses) but this one is well done.
Thanks all - yes I like HDR to just extend the dynamic range myself. It is a Cocos Island palm - very common in local gardens.
I like HDR. There seems to be a touch of "Halo-ing" 'round the tree, but I kinda like it. Which software do you use for processing?

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