SIJ04 Jack

SIJ04 Jack

Jack belongs to our son who has been visiting over the holidays. Jack is a Rottweiler/Kelpie crss and is 2 years old.
Bill, Jack looks as though he is a sweet boy, even with that spiked collar.:wink: Is this natural light? I do love the image quality that this camera offers...I feel as though I could just reach out and pat him as he sleeps. An endearing image which I'm sure your son will appreciate very much, Bill. We dog lovers can't get enough good pictures of our best friends.
Looks like he's been eating well over the holidays. My dog's on a diet to get rid of the holiday pounds.
Not easy to expose with his colouring so well done Bill.

Jack is a guest Bill so you could have spared the poor fellow a pillow, his noggin can't be comfortable with only a little nylon buffeting his head from that cold hard metal frame :wink:
sweet dreams, Jack. Is the shadow in the forgeound from a protruding lens or the photographer?

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