SIJ08 Sweep Panorama

SIJ08 Sweep Panorama

I'm using the SIJ to get to know the X100 better and today tested the sweep pano effect. The subject matter was fairly demanding with lots if regular patterns and the camera was caught out (see back of chair) with the objects so close to the lens. I think it would work better with landscapes.
Hmmm, there's potential for landscapes there Bill, but it will still need a very careful hand - though more images stitched tighter would ameliorate issues - such as evident with the back of the chair....even with this image.

NIce place to kick back for a cold lager when the days are long and hot!
I've only used the sweep panorama with a Sony HX5 on landscapes ... I didn't know that the X100 had this function. Looks a nice, cool place to escape from the sun. My drink of choice would be a nice ice cold diet pepsi with a little lime.
You are both welcome to kick off the shoes/boots, grab a cold one and talk photography. I didn't try to improve on this shot - posted warts and all.
I didn't notice it at first, Bill...but I do see the mismatch now. Good for you for getting to know the camera with all of its abilities. I've yet to try out the panorama.

I'd be glad to sit in the hot tub and discuss things further.:wink:
I still believe that stitching in a decent pano application, or in Photoshop, will better the results. But for quick and dirty, this built in sweeping panorama doesn't do half bad.
So... what time should we arrive for the barbie, Bill?

The sweep pano works really well for landscape but you need to be sure of not getting carried away. (theres such a thing as too many shots)
I wish our outdoor area was covered like this...I'd get to use it more. Despite the stitching hiccup, the shot conveys a nice place to relax with friends and family,

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