SIJ10 - Sweep pano revisited

SIJ10 - Sweep pano revisited

Tried the motion pano (as Fuji calls it) on landscape material and the stitching went much better - the wires and rooftops all seem smooth and continuous. This is a 180 degree pano of our street.
Ahhh now that looks much better Bill. They make the clouds mighty small in your part of Oz mate - and they don't throw you too many :laugh1:

So are you happy with the Motion Pano feature?
There is no control over the geometry so I prefer to take the shots myself and stitch in AutopanoPro - this also allows multi row which the X100 can't do. Still it is good when you have nothing else.
That worked out very nicely! Amazing weather you have there, here it looks like the winter is about to make its very much delayed entry in the coming week...
Now I'm left wondering.
Did you do like we do with our satellites?
Go out a distance and look back at where you came from.
Or, is this your usual view looking out at the neighbors?
Those panoramas are quite fun, but cranky with diagonal lines.
Thanks for sharing.
It's confusing - it looks like you live on a grass (traffic) island - with two planes in the sky up in the right and left near corners - and because it is out of the normal human view it's getting me a little dizzy

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