SIJ11 Daddy long legs.

SIJ11 Daddy long legs.

Using MF and AFL button method which I find better than the limited macro setting of the X100. These spiders are harmless and do catch insects at the front door.
OOoo, these look sort of like what I think we call "fishing spiders" but I could be wrong....she types as she averts her eyes!

Did you enter these guys into the current WC? :biggrin:
Ahh...daddy long legs!!! Only harmless as they are ill-equipped - with fangs too thin and fragile to pierce human skin, but yet they carry a venom more potent than many of the spider we fear in Australia - e.g, red-back
LOL, tres cool. I like your capture of the minute and mundane, they deserve this attention
Round here you need wings to be a daddy long-legs, and they can't make webs. Must be regional variation.
Picture wise there is so much you can do with those frail leggedy things, but I'm usually too busy going "yuck!" to try! I'm glad your house is bug free though.
For creepy crawlies, I just keep reminding myself they are just little dudes trying to make a living. Nice shot.

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