SIJ12 The park.

SIJ12 The park.

This is a 3 shot HDR converted in SEP2 (High structure) and cropped and sharpened in LR3 with a touch of vignette. Reminds me of moonlight although it's a bright 38C day here. Finally got past my driveway today.
Bill, it's good to see you made full use of your venture beyond your back yard. I'm not familiar with the mechanics of this HDR thing, from the results I've seen it can be overdone. I'm not suggesting you have, but there are some unexplained slightly fuzzy grey areas fringing some of the trunks, is the HDR responsible for those, or am I missing something from the original scene?

Barrie I've really cranked the local contrast and sharpening which has introduced some artifacts in the strip of grey road. Didn't notice them at first. The road was very bright and I also used a control point in SEP2 to reduce its brightness which hasn't helped either.
Strange to see all those light shadows, it causes this images to have a pleasant weirdness.
The grey casts aside, I love the feel of this image Bill. Never seen our native Melaleuca (paperbarks) portrayed so hauntingly before.
The effect you are referring to is called "halo"ing. Now that you've seen it, you can look for it when you;re working on your others. There is always a way to make it go away. It's a side effect of detail sharpening and micro contrast adjustment and is most noticeable where dark meets light....usually on large expanses like roofs against skylines....etc. It's certainly not the end of the world and I like the exaggerated detail int the leaves.
Nice image, I know how hot and bright it gets when the mercury hits the high 30s to 40s and I feel this image captures that situation spot on.
The fuzzy tree trunks and lighting give this image a ghostly edge to it.

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