SIJ12 ~ they also serve who only sit and wait...

SIJ12 ~ they also serve who only sit and wait...

which, being retired, I can appreciate.

OTOH, it was a big step for this guy from very rainy Ohio to move into pretty dry Montana and have to rely on someone else to haul in all our water! (Jared's a good guy, though, and he's never let us down.)
Once the rains stop the sun takes over pretty quickly here. I imagine it's the same throughout most of Australia, Bill.

There are two cisterns underground, Briar; they each hold 2,000 gallons of water, are rectangular, the same size and are situated side by side. While there's a buried pipe connecting them to equalize the water level, it's not a very big one, so it's quicker to load each tank separately and from the top. Our children have grown and live elsewhere, so there are just the two of us. Depending on the season and the needs of the trees and garden, we'll go through a full load of 4000 gallons in 3 to 6 weeks.

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