SIJ14 Old and not so old.

SIJ14 Old and not so old.

The old singer sewing machine dates from about the 1930s. The other objects are fakes trying to look old. Processed in LR3 and SEP2.
Momma taught me to sew on one of these. Yes a boy that sewed, quilted, crocheted, embroidered, ironed, cooked and did the dairy farm work. Every one did their part. It made life fuller, and has come in handy my whole life. Thanks for the reminder.
Ahh "Nanna Technology" as they call it - when things were mended until their actual death...and then reused for another function...rather than our present disposable culture.

Well depicted Bill.
{ppcode}Nice old world feel - My granny had one of these but someone stuck a motor on it so it became electric !
Bill, you played up the antique qualities beautifully with your post processing. Well done - and I like that vignette very much, too!

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