SiJ15 - Day 2 - Christmas tree?

SiJ15 - Day 2 - Christmas tree?

Today I got "trapped" most of the day in the hospital (nothing serious, kids stuff). Had to work with what was at hand, found a row of waiting room chairs with an interesting shape. Here is the result.

Æ’/2.8 17.0 mm 1/250 ISO 200
Yes, great perspective. A clear proof that it doesn't take a lot to make shot work ...
Very well seen. I really like it because if you had not said, I would not have been able to work it out. Excellent, love it.
Love the abstract nature. I must admit, without your description, I'd still be wondering what it is.
I love images such as these. Witnessing the beauty in the mundane - it shakes us as it says "that image was there a hundred times today for me to take....and I ignored it". Thanks for sharing this...
...oh and hope it's the last time you need visit that 'landscape' for this month...and year...and...
A beautiful deconstruction of those chairs - very sculptural! I be the designer of those chairs would be thrilled!

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