SiJ15 - Day 2 Which is it?

SiJ15 - Day 2 Which is it?

I really liked the simplicity of these poppies when they were put up across the country prior to November 11th. They lose some of their impact when they are still there after Christmas - you'd have thought they could take one thing down as they put the next up...
I've no doubt that you're right Bill. I so enjoyed the photographs I was able to see by you and others of the incredible poppies for those who gave up their lives in war... On a lighter note, this is quite beautiful - in the thumbnail version I kept thinking it was some sort of note on a musical score. Love the design and colors and can see why you were drawn to it.
oh bravo mate, this is a beaut. So many things going on in this image. The use of colour, the tones, the composition and the light. But most of all I like the gestalt - there's a sense of harmony within the overall image that I can't find in any of the individual parts.
Great image, great colour. They do seem to be a bit tardy with removing the poppies around here but there's probably a whole book full of rules as to why the two jobs cannot be done at the same time!

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