SIJ15 - Day Five

SIJ15 - Day Five

Pea Soup

As the holiday is over, so is our good air. The factories are back pumping out crap into the air and the farmers are burning fields and coal. Today was a particularly bad pollution day. Difficult to see your hand in front of your face.
Pollution or not, this is a very nice scene. I like the emptiness and the lines.
Poetic, absurd, deep, symbolic...and technically so nicely executed...all the things I love in an image! (y)

I like this one and I wouldn't have got it without SIJ15. Busy day with work and although I took some photos earlier, I felt they were all crap. I was just riding home and as I got on this bridge I saw the wheelbarrow. I wouldn't have stopped if not for the motivation of finding something for today. Thanks for that.
Nice photograph that doesn't lay it all out for us viewers.
I want the air to be foggy. Your description takes my mind off that!
this shot creates so many questions in my mind I don't even know where to start. I think it's a superlative shot.
one of my favourites so far - mainly because of the underlying story - excellent photo

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