SiJ15 - Day Three - A foal no more

SiJ15 - Day Three - A foal no more

I promised BB a photo of my wife's last rescue. He's in great condition now - actually even a little too full of himself - but it weren't always the way. He has grown in more ways than one.
Making photographs with that 'look' gives me the fear.

I'm learning though and that's a wonderful image.
I like the way he fills the frame and the portrait orientation, not to mention the light and those soft "almost" colours.
Thank you, Mark - he's such a handsome fellow and it's good to see that glint in his eye. I admire you and your wife so much for what you do. Must also add that I like the old timey faded film look very much. I hope you have a wall of photos somewhere with all of your rescues in their full glory!
Ooh yes, they do that (I mean this way of watching one) - still quite a gentle maneuver from his side. Beautiful work with the lighting, too.
Love the subdued colors and the flare of the light on the right side of him. Beautiful shot!

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